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February 6th, 2007

too late @ night to think of one. @ 03:13 am

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Sorry not sure who made that one. SO it's been soooo long since I posted on here. I don't know why I have not recorded or downloaded moreof the er season. I have 2 or more eppis to post on my sites which I which wouold pick up more and have people get more active in it wonder what I'm doing wrong with it. oh well I guess I just need to come on here and vent. I miss everyone!! my dad is layed off can't wait till he goes back or whatever.I need to make for fanart and stuff toooo much to do and so little time in the day to do it. My sink is mess thanks to gloves at work and my sink allergys grrrrrrr my hands are sore and hurt!!!!

July 9th, 2006

Icons and Fanart @ 09:16 pm

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I wanted to get everyone Okay before I post any icons that are not mine on my ER Foreve and day and ParminderNeelafanclub websites I wanted to give you credit for the work that you have done plus I don't want to just post them and it's not okay with you. If you tell me it's not to post your Icons and fanart I will not. I have numbered these here I'm leaving my email so that you can email with the number or numbers that are yours and out of the ones that are your you can also tell me what or if any that I can post. I'm doing this because I love the art work and think it's great and the icons too. me email: shotrthang@hotmail.com

Icons and Fanart Part 1

Icons and Fanart Part 2

Icons and Fanart Part 3

Icons and Fanart Part 4

Icons and Fanart Part 5

Icons and Fanart Part 5 @ 12:00 am

Current Location: Ray's Room
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Icons and Fanart Part 5Collapse )

July 8th, 2006

Icons and Fanart Part 4 @ 12:13 am

Current Location: Neela's Room
Current Mood: content content
Current Music: Away from the Sun

Icons and Fanrt Part 4Collapse )

July 7th, 2006

Fanart and Icons part 2 @ 02:11 am

Current Location: Neelas Room
Current Mood: blank blank
Current Music: The Tide is high(You are my number one)

Icons and Fanart Part2Collapse )

July 6th, 2006

Fanart and Icons Part 3 @ 02:13 am

Current Location: Neela Room
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Current Music: Here with you

Icons and Fanart Part 3Collapse )

Icons and fanart @ 01:17 am

Current Location: roomieville
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I wanted to get everyone Okay befpre I post these icons on my ER Foreve and day and ParminderNeelafanclub websites I wanted to give you creditfor the work that you have done. If you tell me not to post you Icons andfanart I will not. I have numbered these. I'm leaving my email here so that you can email with the number or numbers that are your and out of the ones that are your you can also tell me what or if any that I can post. I'm doing this because I love the art work and think it's great and the icons too. me email: shotrthang@hotmail.com

Icons and FanrtCollapse )

June 20th, 2006

fanar and banners @ 09:43 pm

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My icons and bannder!Collapse )</a>



June 16th, 2006

vids,fic,s fanart! @ 01:57 am

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I have finshed my Neela vid one of many I will not post it till my muse see it frist. I have fic I started but I have not been able to finsh it becuae I have had this block but the bunnies are starting to work again to finsh it or heck rewrite the thing! I still have fanart I need to do but I need to get better at that! I have more vids to work on but Need to knw where to get clisp of ER for it!

June 8th, 2006

I'm getting my sites the way I want them and updated them @ 12:41 am

I have my site updated little more but I still have lots of work to do on them to get them there I want them! I wish that I was better at doing them! Once I get them up to where I want them then it should be eayer for me to main tain it!

June 6th, 2006

I finaly got my site set up and am adding to it! @ 11:10 pm

Current Location: At my desk
Current Mood: chipper chipper

I finaly got my site for Parminder set up! I'm adding to it as much as I can but I'm so hard on myslef that I think that my site sucks if only I could get better at art work fanart! I need to get an updated verison of abodbe or something! My two website are comming along good!

June 1st, 2006

none @ 11:25 pm

I'm sad no more POL I emailed Dr.D to ask for her pics or even clips but she told me that she could not let me have them for reasons, whcih I understand that! I keep my Parminder site but since it's on MSN I'm out of storage space I know even if I buy more space I will just use that up so I'm looking into webhosting site which would give me more room for the site, which is good becasue then I can section just for roomies! Dr.D did tell me this " I will not bedisseminating POL in part or in whole at any time." So who knows she could bring it back at any time. I'm stuck for name for my site I don't want to use Parminder online I don't want to disrespect Dr.D, I might just use" Parminder K.Nagra.com or Parminde Nagra online.com something like that. I'm looking for new job I want to get out of the nursing home I have no place to move up and not only that but it bruns you out too.

May 21st, 2006

None @ 02:42 pm

Current Mood: sick sick

Man oh man lastnight at work my back startedto hurt where I hurt it back in dec, it go that bad when I got home I took pain pills they gave me from then, I cannot bend or even walk without it hurting, this sucks! I even had to call out of work which I hate to do but even my dad told me it's better not to push myself and hurt myslef even more. I know there are going to be people there that are going to be mad but right now I'M like oh well stuff happens I'm not perfect! On another note I can watch my movies from netflex tonight,but I do want to see 10.5 tonight on NBC the second one looks good I know that the frist one was so we will see. It's ranning out here it's 55 out oh wait the sun just came out but it's so cool and damp here it's not funny but I'm not going comp we needed the rain it was so dry out here. Oh well i Just thought I would drop line and vent for whole minute.

May 20th, 2006

I'm sad! I know what Neela and Abby feel like when.... @ 09:48 am

Current Location: at me computer
Current Mood: sad sad
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My dad's dog had puppies about two weeks ago there was this little puppy he was so cute I was the only one he drink bottle from and he loved beging with me too! I called him little guy becasue out of the 10 puppies he was the littlest and so cute,this morning my dad called me to out into his room the Little Guy seemed like he was not breathing but I cheked he was but not by much I truned on plug in heater to thinking he was so cold. We did that he stated to come round little bit,drink so pedlight and little bit of bottle, I put him back to warm up, he was responding little bit he would move his legs little not much and move his mouth little not much he,when he was breathing so hard trying to fight,he took one breath and that none after that I even tryed CPR on him thinking that might help but it did not. Little guy passed away that makes me so sad now I know what Neela and Abby felt like when the baby chimp died. He was so week I tryed everything I could thinking of and so did my dad, the vet is not in on Sat we would have had to drive an hour away to vet hospital and he would not have made it there. We are going to burry him in our yeard,we could have him creatmed for 15.00 Itold me dad lets just burry him in the yeard I could not see going that to Little guy, burrying him seemed right I know it's not nice to say but at least he will treturn to nature and help. We not have 9 puppies left I hope tht they all will ge okay. I could never become vet knowing what they have to do and all putting animals down and all y'know I just could not do that. I just had to shae this with someone,

May 18th, 2006

21 GUNS! @ 11:24 pm

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21Guns contains spoiler for season faniley!Collapse )

March 29th, 2006

Gallant vid @ 08:05 am

Current Mood: impressed impressed

I cann't get over that I have been up all night working on this Gallant vid just to get it done since I had muse going lastnight for that I hope that everyone likes it. I know that him Neela are not ment to be but someone had to honor him and how he is *in love* with her in way! It's most just to honor the hero that is all! I can't wait to do more roomie vids but want to wait till the end of the season so I don't spoil anyone!

March 28th, 2006

(no subject) @ 08:23 pm

spoiler tage try @ 08:19 pm

none @ 07:57 pm

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy

My one friend that works night shift with has gones to days now wow, that is oka I have put in for 3-11 for acute rehab cneter at the hosp I hope tht Iget in I need change working at the nursing home at gotten to me I need change of pace where I am more active and go back to school have normal hours, I like nights but not where I work. That reminds me I would love to go away to college to get out of this town I do't like it here I miss all my firnds down in Killeen. I need to get my education that is the only way taht I am going to get somewhere in life is by dong that! I would not mind going to UNLV to school at least it would be warm out there Ya know! Anywat somthing has got to give in this house my dad needs to get job I need to get back to beging clearn that what I am with this house, when my mom died I keep the house so celan and my room to but then my ex came along and I let every thing go it's over year I need to get back on track about everything life goes on he has and so should I about keep record more,keeping the house clenaer exercising more, ect. I need to vent@ I can't wait for Thursday it's almost here! I don't know why they did not kill Gallant off sooner I like him and all but now that he is going I don't miss him too bad they should have change his chart more like SA wanted I do wish SA all the best! Neela/Ray I think are going to be come couple next season.

March 13th, 2006

More on my fan fic @ 05:10 pm

Current Mood: creative creative

Beep, Beep, went Neela’s alarm clock she shot right up in her bed as if Abby, Morris, Sam, or chuney were yelling because she need her in a trauma room. This was not sound that she would want to hear this morning especially this morning of all mornings. “Oh bloody fucking hell, damn clock why dose it have to off at 6:30 a.m. like this!’’ She said aloud while reaching over to hit the snooze button. She looks around her room because something dose not seem right this morning she dose not know why till she realizes there is something in bed with her, she looks of to her right side and next to her lies Ray. “RAY WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HER LAST NIGHT! Uh my head hurts like someone hit over the heard with two by four.” He sits up in bed to face her, he looks at her and starts to laugh but see she is not in the mood for that, so he gives her one of I know what happened grins. “So you want to know what happened here last night, well what do you think? Do you even remember why your head hurts like that?” She sinks in bed next to him she looks over at him with a guilty a look on her face like the one she just did something she might regret “I don’t know you shit that is why I am asking you! I have feeling that we or I did something that I should not have did and I have no clue why my head hurts.” she as she pulls the covers up to her neck while sitting in bed next to Ray. He looks at her for few minutes deciding weather to leave her wondering giving the way she has been to him the past few days or just tell her, he figures he better be Mr. Nice guy considering he can see how bad her head hurts and how guilty she looks. “Nothing happened between us.” Ray told her as if he was hiding something from her. “Come on Ray your in my bed with no shirt on and just boxers and all I have on is a pair of you boxers and you lucky seven shirt, now what would you think. She said with anger and guilt because she was unsure of what happened the night before she could not remember just yet. “Neela N-O-T-H-I-N-G H-A-P-P-E-N-E-D, LAST NIGHT! After my shift was over I came home, I walked in there was was only one light on it and it was the blue stern light that is always on. You were sitting on couch staring into space, so I walked over sat down next to you; you looked over at me, and said nothing. I could smell Gin on you, so I asked why you were dirking and so upset. Neela cut him off before he could even finish what he was about to tell her. Just tell me what the fuck we did Ray now sometime this morning would be good not next year! She said while holding her head again. Ray knew that Neela was in mood for him to play any games. With the way, she looked while she talked to him had this been any other woman talking like this he would have just walked her right out the door with her clothes in hand. This was not any other woman this was Neela his best friend, he knew better than anyone in the ER know and in his life did. “Neela shut up for damn minute and I will tell you what went down last night as I was saying you were upset. I asked you what was wrong you showed me this letter that Michael addressed to you, you told me to read it. Which I did so you looked at me said your life was messy went on how you felt for your husband and about me all at the same time. It was somewhat hard to tell which of us you were talking about, Ray was saying to an upset Neela. Ray what I want to know is did we have sex? Neela asked with tears in her eyes. No we did not, we did nothing last night while you were going on and on about how you felt about him and I you got up, started to walk unsteady to you room but did not make it because you stated to pass out, I got up and caught you in time so you would not get hurt. Neela you scared me I though you had alcohol posing I shook you, you sat up got off the couch and stated to walk to you room. I could tell you were going to puke so I took you to the bathroom but you quite did not make it in right in the doorway you power puked on yourself and me! I did manage to get you to the toilet where you power pucke again all over the place the toilet and floor. I had to do something I made you get in the shower, gave you some clothes to put on, after you were done I carried you into your room and put you to bed. You told me know to leave, and I was not about to leave you alone you scared me! I sat on the edge of the bed for thirty minutes watching you finally you asked me to get in bed with you because you did not want to be alone and were scared. Ray said in mature concerned voice while reaching over and holding her cheek in his hand. She let his hand stay there while but when she realized what she was going she pulled back quickly, so we did not have sex, you stayed by my side because you were scared something happened to me or might. Also know what Michael sent me and what was put in that letter, I do not know what to say to you. Neela told Ray as she stumbled out of bed looking for slippers to put on so she could go in the kitchen and get some food since she was hungry. Ray sat in bed look at her trying to find her slippers he thought to himself “If she only knew how much I care about her! I wonder how I can make her see or know that, I love this woman more than she will ever know. I cannot ask her out on date because she is married , no she getting divorced I think is she made her mind up to that yet! I wish she knew I would die for her, lie, and cry all for her. I cannot be her rebound I want more than that from her I want us to have real relationship I know I’m going to have to wait and place it cool for while but that’s fine I will be there for her she is my best friend after all on top of the woman that I love.” Neela saw that Ray was lost in his own thoughts she did not have the heart to yell at him on top that her head would not take it so she tapped him on his shoulder. Ray I’m sorry for what I did to you last night, and this morning I’ve just been so upset by what has been going on in my life. Ray did not say word to her. She opened her bedroom door walked out the kitchen to look for something to eat. Ray finally was finally out bed, walked into the kitchen, and joined Neela who was looking around for something to eat. Neela I have an idea why don’t we have beagles, tea, and some fresh fruit? That sounds great she told him with smile something she has not done in weeks. Michael wants a divorce from me he filed ill reckon single differences between Us. Can you believe that asswhole! I gave him everything, when he left for Iraq the first time who wrote him me I did not see Pratt sending him anything let alone writing him either! Neela said with anger and pain her her voice. It’s going to be okay I have feeling things are going to work out in the long run ya know, I want to know how Mike can just file illreckensile differences between the two of us since he has not been here, last time I checked you have only been married two almost three moths how can he even say illreckensile difference he has not been home for that to even happen! Illreckendsile differences my ass the only differences there are is because she told him you wanted him to stay and be husband with you make life with you, but he obsivly did not happen. I knew it would end up like this Neela! Ray says with anger and furry in his voice! Ray shut the fuck up how can you say that I know part of it’s true but how the bloody hell can you say you saw us getting divorce! Neela says is furry in her voice now while slamming the tea box on the counter.


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